Dip dyeing my hair purple

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Hey there!

If you follow my twitter you will know that recently I dip dyed my hair purple. My friend Sophie and I were out shopping over the weekend and it was just a ‘spur of the moment’ kind of thing! Although I must say not all ‘spur of the moment’ things always need doing. For example my year 6 ‘lets do an undercut yourself’ did not need to be done and if I had listened to my conscience I wouldn’t have gone to school the next day looking like a naked mole rat. But anyway, on to the hair dye.

hair dye 1.

I decided I wanted a pop of colour rather than the common ombre look. Purple seemed like the way to go but as I have basically no idea of what to do or really anything to do with hair at all, I kind of just picked the cheapest one there was. That just happened to be Smart Beauty’s Smart Colour. I picked up their Semi Permanent Hair Colour in Pure Purple. I wanted it to be semi permanent as I don’t have that much hair as it is (not the naked mole rat look just to my collarbones) and I wasn’t willing to chop it all off in time for school so I thought I’d let it wash out in time. This way I would be able to keep all my hair, maybe a bit more damaged but all of it nonetheless. Why am I rambling so much? Just get to the point Em! So inside the box you got:

  • 30ml of dye
  • 2 plastic gloves
  • A brush
  • An instructions manual a.k.a my bible for the day

hair dye 2

After I picked the dye up we wandered into Primark and I came across this set of hair dying goodies for only £1. Basically I only got it because I wanted a little cute pink bowl to put all my dye in and I didn’t want it to stain all my other bowls. As it turns out it washes off without any marks so I didn’t really need to buy it but hey ho I got a set for next time!

hair dye 3

We first had to do a sample test. Now you’re supposed to cut off a section of hair that is unnoticeable but, being the best friend she is, Sophie decided to hack off a huge chunk of hair from the bottom which means I can’t put my hair up without it looking like I am a Billy Ray Cyrus wannabe with my little mullet. Cheers Soph. You’re meant to leave the dye on for 40 minutes but we got bored, did 15, there was no colour change, so we jumped right into doing my actual head.

Here are some total fails of action shots of the dye being painted on and wrapped. So many giggles during this.




Now I just want to point out that the dye is for ‘Light blonde or bleached hair’. I however have dark brown hair and I was way too scared to commit to bleaching it. I know there are dyes out there made for darker hair but I only realised this about 10 minutes before writing this post. So the results of my hair are not what the product will look like if done correctly by people who actually know what they are doing. The result of my hair was….


This! I was quite impressed seeing as it was my first time doing anything like this with my hair and not having bleached it!

My thoughts on Smart Beauty:

  • OH. MY GOD. The dye is the best smelling thing in the universe. It smells of this gorgeous bubble gum and my hair smelt of it even after I had washed it out! If anyone knows of a shampoo that smells of bubble gum you have to let me know!
  • The instructions were really easy to understand and the whole thing is just really easy to use.
  • The quality of the brush was really good and some of the other dyes I looked at didn’t actually come with a brush which is something to bear in mind when shopping for dye.
  • It came with plastic gloves! There were actually quite a few dyes that didn’t include the plastic gloves which I was quite surprised about as many people are allergic to dye.
  • The colour is really pretty and vibrant and they have an amazing range of other colours too!

I just want to mention that I dyed my hair on Monday and now (the following Wednesday) it has faded quite a bit and it now quite a dull purple. I think if I had bleached my hair the colour would have stayed more vibrant and pigmented.

Overall I think Smart Beauty are a good brand and I would recommend them if you are looking for something easy to use! Even though the colour did fade really quickly I still think it was worth it and next time I will probably bleach my hair to make it stay longer.

Have you ever dyed you hair a bright colour? Let me know!