Back to school blues


Hey there!
Back to school huh? Yeah I’m crying too. I had an awesome summer holidays until all my friends decided to go on holiday at the same time but whatever I’ll let that one slide. I spent the first week at the beach and got the most awesome lobster colour tan. We ate ice cream for breakfast and lunch, swam and then watched the sun go down with chips and all my bestest of friends. The second week I spent catching up with everyone. I ate way too many Nandos but laughed until my jaw hurt. But then they just all decided to go on holiday. I’m not even joking. I think they had a little gathering and decide to all go on holiday at the same time just to see me suffer. So for 2 and a half weeks I spent some quality time with my family and realised they weren’t all as bad as I thought and that my mum is the worlds best gossiper. I also realised that if you walk your dog in a large field of other dogs and then forget to take him off the lead, he is going to run and pull you over flat on your face.
But anyway, everyone came back and I went completely bankrupt from too many Nandos, train tickets and shopping sprees but I had a blast again until everyone caught BTSB (back to school blues). I think this should be registered as a real illness because everyone gets it. This is the last week of my summer holidays and I’m not doing anything because everyone’s too depressed to get out of bed. Their mums are buying their new school uniform and our school bags are all getting packed. It’s depressing to say the least. I think for my year it is the worst. We are going into Year 10 which means we basically only have a year and a half left of school. Now even though its a right pain in the ass its still the place I have the most fun and get to see all my friends and I’m going to miss it. Everything’s going to change this year and I’m not too fond of change. But what will happen will happen and they say this year is where you make your true friends. It is also the year your brains explode from hard work so that’s exciting!


Strangely, one thing I’m kind of looking forward to is P.E. I have done almost no exercise this whole holiday so it will be good to start actually moving again. Shall I tell you what GCSE’s I’m taking? Okay I will. I decided to take Media Studies, History, Geography, Religious Studies and then obviously the essentials: English, Maths and Science. When I told people that they literally thought it was hell but actually those are the subjects I am best at. But I’ll let you know how long I last before every single brain cell falls out of my head.
Part of me wishes I took Art but I think that’s mainly because my art teacher cried when I told her I didn’t choose it. I hate seeing people cry; it makes me feel so awkward, I just stand there smiling hoping my teeth will cheer them up.

If anyone is still reading at this point, and is wondering what bag I chose for this school year I shall show you now. 656159_main

I chose this Black Croc Quilted Duffle Bag from River Island. It was £35 so a bit on the pricey side but I’m hoping it will last all year. It has two straps: a shorter and longer. Meaning I can wear it two ways which is handy. It has a popper on the inside and then a draw string. On the inside it has one large zip up pocket on the side and then the main compartment. Without the draw string pulled at all it is very spacious and it should fit all my books inside. Now I really like it but if I’m being truthfully honest; I picked up the wrong bag. I was actually going for this one . As I felt like it had more compartments and looked a little more school appropriate but when I got in the shop I completely forgot which one it was and just grabbed the Duffle Bag.  I’m sure it will do the job just fine and if it doesn’t maybe my mum might feel like buying me a new one.

Sorry for waffling on in this post I just felt the need to upload a more chatty post so here it is.
Tell me if you liked this style of post and are you looking forward to school?