What’s in my school bag?


Hey there! Sorry for no posts for so long! I’ve been so busy with school stuff and GCSE work. But I’m back now and I thought it was appropriate to post a What’s in My School Bag post! So let’s get to it!

pic 1

pic 2If you read my ‘Back to School blues post‘  then you may recognise this bag. This is my school bag and it is the Black Croc Quilted Duffle bag from River Island. It was £35 which is a bit on the pricey side but it has so much space! I use the longer stap as it is just easier to wear. It is not adjustable but there is a smaller strap which makes it more versatile. There is a draw string to keep it closed and secure but I leave this open so I can easily grab items out. There is also a popper on the inside so things aren’t flying out while the drawstring is open. But, as I mentioned before, there is so much room! There is a side pocket which itself is quite large. Then the main pocket…well I just feel like Mary Poppins (if you don’t understand that reference please don’t talk to me (joking, please talk to me, I need friends))! In general I just love shoulder bags as I think they are so easy to use and you are able to move freely; so for school I thought it was practical.

pic 3

Now lets get into my bag! I usually carry an umbrella too but I’m not quite sure where that’s gone. I bring a water bottle everyday too because kids, you must always keep hydrated.

  1. This is a bag I purchased from Urban Outfitters. It was £12 and I use it as my make up bag at school but I also keep hairbands and a hairbrush because P.E kills my hair. It’s super cute with little animals on and just generally handy.
  2. This is my school planner. The school gives us these and we write our homework and keep our timetable in them. They are super interesting and I usually read them as a night time read (that is a joke, I  do not read my planner).
  3. I have some weird obsession with mint and it’s always nice to have fresh breath so I always have a tub of chewing gum in my bag. This just happens to be the Extra chewing gum in Peppermint. I actually find this quite a strong gum and when I first start to chew it makes my eyes water and my nostrils flare which is the hottest thing to look at.
  4. This is a little compact mirror from Boots. It’s just useful to keep and this one comes with a little zoomed in side which I haven’t found the need to use at school yet but it’s there if I want it. I mostly use this to check on my makeup and make sure my mascara hasn’t run from my regular chewing gum eyewaterings. Also to apply make up after P.E when your face has sweat it all off. Lovely.
  5. Quite clearly, this is a ruler. It is one of those twisty ones so it doesn’t snap in my bag.
  6. This is my ‘Maths Pencil Case’. I just keep all my maths equipment like; protractor, compus, ruler, calculator, pencil etc. I have a separate case so I don’t have to bring out a big bulky one every lesson and it just keeps everything in one place so it’s so much easier. It’s from Animal and is made of neoprene which is the material wet suits are made of. I’ve had this for years and it’s got so dirty but it hasn’t ripped or frayed at all!
  7. This is my regular pencil case. I keep all my pens, pencils, highlighters and pencil sharpener in here. It is also a Transformer pencil case because I am a 6 year old boy at heart!
  8. Headphones! These are Gumy Headphones which is a brand not some weird textured headphone. Most of my teachers let us listen to music as we research and complete coursework.
  9. This is my locker key but I just had to include it because I think the little key hat is so cute! I can’t remember where I got it but suuuper cuute!

pic 4So that is what I carry to school everyday.
Hopefully I will be able to get two posts up for you this week as I don’t have too much work to do.

Tell me, what do you carry in your school bag?