This or That tag


I’ve seen this tag floating around on a couple of blogs lately so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon! Let’s get started!


Blush or Bronzer? Hmm I think I’ll go with blush as I think you always need a little colour to your face.
Lip gloss or Lipstick? Lipstick. I’m not really into lipgloss. I do like a few but my hair likes it more than me, it’s always stuck in it.
Eyeliner or Mascara? Mascara! I would never be able to live without my mascara! It could also double up as an eyeliner too.
Foundation or Concealer? Hmm, if it’s a really good coverage foundation then foundation but otherwise, concealer. Teenage pimples are a no go.
Neutral or Colour eye shadow? I don’t really wear eye shadow but when I do it’s always neutral.
Pressed or Loose eye shadow? Probably pressed. I am unnaturally clumsy! I’m the kind of person to trip over flat ground.
Brushes or Sponges? Most people say brushes here but I always use sponges to apply foundation and concealer. I just prefer the overall look.


OPI or China Glaze? OPI, I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried China Glaze before but I’ve heard good things so I will have to go and find it!
Long or Short? Well my nails are a horrible fat round shape so personally for me, shorter but I’d love to have long nails.
Acrylic or Natural? I’ve never had acrylics before so I’ll have to go with natural. What are acrylics like?
Brights or Darks? I mostly wear darks like navy blue and black but recently I’ve been loving some brighter colours so can I say both?
Flower or No flower? No flower. Never had flowers on my nails…


Perfume or Body Splash? Perfume’s, even though I only wear about 2
Lotion or Body Butter? Body Butter. Especially The Body Shop ones! They smell amaaaaazing.
Body Wash or Soap? Always body wash.
LUSH or Other bath company? LUSH forever and always.


Jeans or Sweatpants? How am I meant to pick?! I live in jeans when I’m out but as soon as I get home I’m in my sweatpants.
Long sleeve or Short? It depends on the weather. I love my jumpers but in the summer I love my crop tops too.
Dresses or Skirts? Probably dresses.
Stripes or Plaid? Hmmm, I’m more into plaid at the moment but it’s always changing.
Flip Flops or Sandals? Sandals, they’re so pretty!
Scarves or Hats? I rarely wear either but I’d go with scarves.
Studs or Dangly Earrings? Studs.
Necklaces or Bracelets? This is meannn! If I had to pick one though, it would be necklaces (sorry bracelets).
Heels or Flats? Flats. I so rarely wear heels, they kill my feet.
Jacket or Hoodie? Hoodies, I love my hoodies!
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? Forever 21 as I’ve never shopped in Charlotte Russe.
Abercombie or Hollister? I’ve heard Abercombie is nicer but we don’t have any where I live so I’d have to go with Hollister.


Curly or Straight? That is so hard! I like both styles but my hair is naturally quite straight so I’ll go with straight as I have that most often.
Bun or Ponytail? Ponytail.
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby Pins. They say that is how a girl marks her territory.
Hairspray or Gel? Hairspray. I don’t really use it though.
Long or Short Hair? Long or Medium Length.
Light or Dark? Well my hair’s dark brown so lets go Team Dark!
Side sweep bangs or Full Bangs? I don’t have any but if I had to pick I would go with full bangs.
Up or Down? Down.


Rain or Shine? Shineeee
Summer or Winter? Well I actually love both. Like being snug in the winter and then going out and getting tanned in summer!
Fall or Spring? Falllll! Fall is my favourite season but Spring is super pretty I have nothing against Spring.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla! I love it and I love the scent too!
East Coast or West Coast? Disney.

This is my second tag post! I love doing these, if you have any tag suggestions please let me know!

But YOU if you are reading this and feel like joining in, I TAG YOU!