Where I’ve been, what I’m up to and what’s to come


Hey there! Long time no see! You may have noticed that there has been a lack of posts, tweets and pretty much everything recently. Well this post is to explain why and give you all an apology.

I have mentioned in a few posts that I am in Year 10. It’s a year full of mocks, exams and very important ‘stuff’. I had always planned to juggle my school work and my blog but last school term I was just kind of swallowed up by books on boring subjects. In the first few weeks of school I was doing really well and getting grades that I was proud of. But slowly the huge amount of work started to put me off school. I was uninterested and it was showing in my grades. My lack of focus on school caused my personality and attitude to change but this appeared to happen to most people in my year. Year 10 is a huge year for growing up and it was as if we were all refusing at once. We were suddenly like a bunch of annoying rebellious teens. My friendship group that I had been with for years fell apart and I just found myself being a person I totally didn’t want to be. I was incredibly lazy, rude, and just plain unhappy with what my life had become. So after speaking to my mum about my issues, I gave myself a massive kick up the backside and decided to sort my life out. I started with my friends as I believed that was the true cause of the problem. Having all chosen different options we were now no longer together and we had all drifted apart and started arguing. I guess what we truly thought of each other just came out and none of use could cope. I realised that I had been friends with a massive group of bitchy people who were constantly making everyone and each other miserable. I don’t think I realised before as I knew no better. I had been in that group for as long as I can remember. But having mixed with more people in my year I discovered that actually, humans can be so lovely. I made friends with a group of genuinely nice, happy people and it just made me feel so great about life again. It got me focused in school, my grades going up and I was happy again. I achieved an A* on my maths statistics test the other day which I am super proud of! But I realised one massive thing was missing from my life….my blog!!! Blogging is my hobby and the dream job so of course I had to get that back too! So here I am and that’s where I’ve been.

happy gif

So what am I up to now? Well I am currently in my second term of school. I have stacks of work but I’m coping. I’ve broken three pens and 2 pencils this week so far (it’s a tuesday) and it’s fundraising week too! I’m securing my friendships with my new group and it feels grrrrrrrrreat! There are also so many birthdays this month so I’m spending all my money on those, then there’s christmas (which is my favourite time of year) so it is constant present shopping which I loooooove. I’m studying for my maths statistics GCSE which I will take sometime next April/May/June. I am also on my second controlled assessment in English which is on ‘Film Noir’. I quite like doing English coursework actually. I’m also just beginning my Media Studies coursework which again I quite enjoy. It’s lots of writing which as you can probably tell, I don’t mind. I’m also currently working on a new look for the blog which is quite exciting for me and hopefully you.


Oh, I’m also slightly (way more than slightly) obsessed with Adventure Time and if you haven’t watched it…well I’m going to have to kill you.

tumblr_static_ben_s_2What’s coming up is a whole load of new posts! I have a few things planned already. I got a massive set of new clothes so I was thinking maybe a haul or some OOTD posts as I’ve never done either. But most excitingly and what I’m really looking forward to doing is…….



I heard about this over twitter and I immediately signed up. But as this is my first year I’m also slightly nervous. For those of you who don’t know what it is, let me explain a little bit more about it.

It was created by Nicole from Cole of The Ball and it is a project where a group of bloggers come together to blog everyday throughout the month of December. Now from what I understand Nicole set it up last year and this year she has changed it up a little bit. There is now set topics for each day and the project runs throughout the whole month of December. I don’t want to reveal too much as I want everyday to be a surprise, but, if you like the idea check out the projects twitter (@bblogmasproject) and contact Nicole if you want to get involved. It sounds like so much fun but so much work! But I’m super excited.

So that is you pretty much up to date with what’s been going on, I hope to see you all back her next time!!
(P.S congratulations if you read all of that ramble)