New Year, New Me?

my-badHey. I know that it is almost the end of January and too late to say my New Years resolutions, I know that you have probably read these kind of posts 3 billion times and, I know that I am officially the worst blogger in the world. But, 2015 is the year of big things, I can tell.

So my last post explained my lack of posts, where I had been a huge apology and a promise to post more regularly. Well it turns out I suck. I have no excuse this time except, maybe, for the fact that I am a lazy sloth who completely forgot about her blog. Well that’s a lie, I always knew I had to do it but my natural sloth personality told me it was probably easier to sleep. I also completely forgot about Blogmas which I am so upset about. But 2015, I tell you now, is the year for my blog.

“So what is going on recently in your life Em?” Well, I’m glad you asked.
It is my 15th Birthday in less than a month (February 21st, keep it in your calendars guys) which is quite exciting.
I am doing my Maths statistics GCSE in a few weeks which every one is stressing about but I am feeling in control.
I emailed my teacher my homework for the first time which was a pretty crazy exciting experience for me.
I recently changed the layout of my blog and am looking to get some design shoes so I can really make it my own.
I moved into this PE class in school which does a lot of exercise classes e.g.; Legs bums and tums, Yoga, Zumba, Palates etc. which is really getting me motivated and feeling healthy.
I have started to drink a lot more water and eat a lot more fruit which is making me feel great.
I am waking up earlier but sleeping better.
I have a new face cream to clear my horrible teenage skin.
In general, I am just feeling really happy and healthy. This has given such a good mindset to start my year on which is why I am generally determined to get my blog doing big things this year.

So what if it’s taken me almost a month to get my “New year, new me” sorted, so what if you’ve read these posts 3 billion times and so what that I suck at blogging. 2015 is going to be a good year. I’m determined.


P.S: I may be changing a few of my social medias so keep a look out for that.