Spot Treatment – Drugstore & Pharmacy Review

Skin care 5

One side affect of being a teenager is struggling with bad skin. No doubt about it, everyone will get a pimple at least once in their life but some people have more than others. My skin issues are 100% my fault. Growing up I had an awful diet. I would eat pretty much every snack in the house and I would drink one cup of water a day, if that. I was unhealthy and it showed in my skin. When I noticed this I then started to cover it up with make up but I would never take it off in the evening and would never clean my face. Nice one Em. So since the age of 13 I have been struggling with mild acne.

I tried almost every product on the market but nothing would sort my issues. I would just break out more.  But, eventually, I found some products I really liked. So I thought I would compare and review my favourite Drugstore and Pharmacy  treatments and hopefully this will help some of you. It could also help you decide wether to purchase Pharmacy treatments or not so lets get started.

Skin care 7Skin care 6Skin care 2First up is the Drugstore treatment. This is the Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub. I got mine from Boots and it was around £4.99. It contains 2% Salicylic Acid which means that for the first few uses it can sting your skin. It is for oily to spot prone skin and helps to fight spots and also fades marks. You may be thinking Charcoal? That’s a bit odd. But it is there for a purpose (obviously). Charcoal is Ultra-absorbing and it acts as a ‘dirt magnet’ to pull out all the impurities from your skin. The scrub is a clear colour and a sticky texture. It has small black  beads in it which exfoliate the face to get rid of dead skin clogging up your pores.

I use it every other day in the shower. You don’t need much as the product spreads and lathers. When you use it you can really feel it working on the skin. It leaves me feeling so fresh and clean and it honestly does help to fade marks quicker. I have an awful habit of picking at spots so I am always left with red marks but the scrub dulls them down so much quicker and now you can’t even see them. However, as I said earlier, the first few times you use the scrub it can sting because of the acid. So if you have really sensitive skin I would recommend using a moisturiser to prevent dryness but I did not have an issue with this and I have relatively sensitive skin. I would say though that if you suffer with really bad acne this may not help as it does struggle to rid singular large pimples. But I would definitely give it a go.

Skin care 3Skin care 4Skin care 1Now for the treatment I got from the Pharmacy. This is Quinorderm 5 Dual Action cream. I got mine from my local Pharmacy and it is quite cheap at around £4.50. Quinoderm has a range of creams for people who suffer with acne. Quinoderm 5 is the one for mild acne. The 5 stands for 5% of Benzoyl Peroxide. This is a very harsh acid on your face and you seriously need to be careful when using it. They say you can use it 2-3 times a day but I don’t know anyone brave enough to take the 3 times a day step. Benzoyl really dries out your face and when I say really I mean really. I suffer with oily skin but after 2 days of using it my skin was completely dry. You need to have a moisturiser when using this. The ‘dual action’ of the cream means that it’s both anti-bactieral and breaks down the surface of the skin. The breaking down of the skin means that your skin will peel to help unblock pores and remove dead skin/spots. This is why you should use it in moderation. When I first got the cream I shoved a whole load onto my face and the next morning I was bright red, peeling like a snake and my face stung like a million bees had attacked me. It was horrific. But after about 5 days when all the skin was heeled, my face was so so clear. All in all I completely 100% recommend this! It is my life saver and holy grail. I love it. But be careful, it bleaches and stains fabrics!

I now use the Quinoderm 5 once everyday before bed on any pimples (I currently only have about 2-3) and the Charcoal Scrub once maybe twice a week in the shower. I also drink A LOT of water so my skin is at the best it’s been in years YAY!

I’m interested to know, what do you guys use to keep your skin clear? Let me know!