What’s on my iPhone?

what's on my iphone coverI love reading and watching ‘What’s on my iPhone’ posts, it’s probably because I’m nosey! But, I thought I would share my own.

I have a white iPhone 5c which I accidentally cracked (for the 3rd time but we don’t need to worry about that). I’m so clumsy it’s ridiculous so it is now permanently (except for this photo) in a huge, probably bullet proof, case. I got my phone on my last birthday which is almost a year ago now.

PicMonkey CollageI only have two pages on my iPhone and I have it all neatly in groups because I am organised (not).  On the first page is all the typical iPhone-y stuff. I don’t like to move it so it’s all in the same place as when I first got it. On the second page is all my apps. I’ll go through group by group.

PicMonkey Collage 3 PicMonkey Collage 4The first group is named ‘Stuff I Use’.

  1. Facebook. I think most people know what this is. I just use it to keep up with my friends, I won’t go into too much detail.
  2. Messenger. This is the message app for Facebook. I believe that you now actually need to separately download this to be able to talk on Facebook and you can no longer do it on the Facebook app. That sucks I guess.
  3. YouTube. I don’t even need to explain this one, who doesn’t use YouTube?!
  4. Instagram. Again I’m sure everyone knows what this is. I just upload pictures I like that make me happy! You can follow me here and here’s a screenshot of my account: what's on my iphone 5
  5. BBM. This is the BlackBerry Messenger app. I barely use this but if a friend doesn’t have an iPhone I might keep up with them on here.
  6. Tumblr. I think most people will know what Tumblr is. I’d describe it as a hyrbid of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I think it’s great! You can follow me here and here’s my account: what's on my iphone 7
  7. Polyvore. I absolutely adore Polyvore! It is basically an app/website where you piece together and design outfits from clothes in real stores. You can go and look at other peoples designs and if you like them you can go and buy them! I love it! You should definitely check it out. If you want to follow me my name is embellex.
  8. Snapchat. This has become a pretty famous app. You basically send pictures which you can draw and write on to your friends for a set time of up to 10 seconds. It sounds pretty odd but it’s really fun, I’m sure you know about it anyway.
  9. Twitter. Everyone knows what this is right? You can follow me here and here is my account: what's one my iphone 6

The second group is named ‘Games’. I only have three because I’m a boring old person.

  1. Flappy Bird. This became a big craze last year. It’s an annoyingly difficult game where you make a bird fly through gaps in tubes. The guy who created the app actually took it down from the app store so I never deleted it incase I one day wanted to play it again but I haven’t played it for months.
  2. Hatchi.This is so cute! If you ever had Tamagotchi’s it is basically one of them but as an iPhone app! It’s so cute and so fun!
  3. 2 Cars. I am addicted to this game. Oh my god. It is actually really difficult but once you open it you can not put it down. You have two cars which each have two lanes. In each of their lanes squares and circles will come up and you have to control both cars to avoid the squares but get the circles. Addictive I tell ya’.

The third group is named ‘Life stuff’.

  1. Tube Map. This is what it says.  A tube map. It gives you routes and times of all the tubes in London. It’s great for if you’re travelling there I 100% recommend it.
  2. School Book. This is basically a school timetable which I use for school. However, it is not actually in the app store anymore but there are many other apps you can get instead.
  3. P.D (Period Diary). For women, that’s all I’ll say. But it’s really useful and easy to use. Check it out ladies!

The fourth group is named ‘Social’.

  1. Get followers. Even though it is named ‘Get followers’ it is actually an instagram statistics app. It shows you your unfollowers, best times of day for likes, when the people you follow are active, etc. It’s actually really handy. I believe that you can also pay like 69p or something to have the app give you 10 extra followers but what’s the fun in cheating?
  2. Retrica. This is a photo filter app. You can take photos with pretty affects through here.

The fifth group is named ‘Countdown’

  1. Find my age. This finds the exact age of something or someone. I just find it quite interesting!
  2. Countdown+. This counts down to events. I love this app, it gets me all excited for big things coming up and it’s so prettily designed.

The sixth group, jees I have a lot of groups, almost done! This group is named ‘Instagram’ I use all these to edit my pictures.

  1. VSCOcam. This is another filter app. There are also many other things you can do on there. It is a really useful app actually and I definitely recommend you check it out, if you haven’t already. The filters are super pretty! I try to have a theme through my instagram pictures so I use the filter T1. The app is also very prettily designed.
  2. PicsArt. This is another really cool editing app. You can do LOADS of things on here. You can even photoshop people out of pictures and into another and things like that! It takes a while to learn your way around it but seriously it’s so cool for editing your pictures.
  3. Whitagram. This is one of those apps which add a border to your pictures so that you can fit the whole picture into the required instagram square. I like to use black boarders for something a little different to my feed.
  4. Kamio. Have you ever seen anyone with those little doodles and pictures on their instagram pictures? Well they probably do it through Kamio. It’s so fun to play around with and design pictures with. I love it!
  5. Moldiv. This is a collage app which collages your pictures to instagram size so there is no need to crop. It has some really nice layouts and it’s really easy to use.

The final seventh group is named ‘Blog’.

  1. Hootsuite. Personally I think this app is a must have. If you are busy all day and need to promote your blog, then you can schedule your tweets through this app. It is so so helpful! Promoting your blog is really helpful. I find that a lot of my readers come from Twitter so promoting when I can helps. Tweets are only on a twitter feed for a few seconds so it’s well worth scheduling throughout the day. Another cool feature to this app is that you can check your link clicks. It allows you to see what times of the day are best to tweet links and how many clicks you are getting. Seriously, get this app if you are a blogger.
  2. WordPress. For anyone with a blog hosted on wordpress like me, this is really helpful. It’s essentially a dashboard on the go and allows you to see what’s going on with your blog without needing a computer. It’s great! I believe there is a Blogger app for anyone with a blog hosted on Blogger.

The final app I have is Shazam. You may have already heard of this but if you haven’t I’ll explain. Say you hear a song on the radio, in a shop, on tv etc. and you like it, then you just whip out Shazam, Shazam the song and it will tell you what it is called and who it is by. It’s absolutely amazing.

So there you have it; what’s on my iPhone. I am thinking of possibly doing a ‘How I edit my instagarm pictures’ and a ‘My music library’ post? Let me know what you think. It was quite fun doing this!