Valentines Nails

valentines nails 3valentines nails 2valentines nails

I love painting my nails. They have to be painted at all times to make them pretty. My nail varnish collection is growing quickly! But, seeing as it is valentines this Saturday – February 14th – I thought it would be appropriate to paint my nails in a valentines theme.

One of my favourite bloggers, Lily Pebbles, recently did a valentines nail design with cute little hearts on them. That is where I got my inspiration!

I just want to apologise for the awful quality of my pictures, I am getting used to my camera and playing around with different lighting. This lighting really did not show the colours in their true shade.

Anywho, the base colour for all my nails is Rapid Ruby by Rimmel London. It is part of their 60 seconds collection which claims to dry in just 60 seconds. I must say this is very true. For a clumsy person like me a nail varnish that is ready for clumsy activities after  a minute is great! In person the colour is quite a dark red which I think is really pretty! It’s also only around £3-£4.

Then I got a simple white nail polish. The one I used was this one by Flutter which I believe is a french manicure set which I got when I was around 8. It’s ancient, but really good. I used a cocktail stick to do the heart design. I dripped a bit of the white polish onto a piece of paper and then dipped the cocktail stick into it. I found it easiest to dot the outline of the heart and then fill it in with dots. If you try to brush the polish on with the cocktail stick it will scratch the base coat and make it all messy. Surprisingly it was quite easy and clumsy old me even managed to do her right hand too! Yay!

I love them and think they are super cute for valentines. Have you got valentines nails? What do yours look like?