What I got for my birthday

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On Saturday (21st February) it was my birthday! WOOHOO! I get so excited for my birthday and have at least 12 countdown apps. I think the worst part about birthdays however, is when people ask what you would like. I gather a whole list of items in my head in the upcoming year and can recite them at any moment other than in response to that question. Typical! I always look for inspiration in ‘What I got for my birthday’ posts so I thought I would share my own to help all of you who suffer with the same issue as me!
**Disclaimer – I am in no way bragging, I just really enjoy reading these type of posts and hope to inspire you with some ideas**

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My main present this year was the almighty Polaroid Camera. I have wanted one of these for ages! I think the pictures are so pretty and so cute. I just love them! I got the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 in Blue. I also got some film for the camera which is great! I think the colour of the camera is so pretty. Personally I think the style of the camera is really cute but my dad described it as “one of those children’s ones that you can drop on the floor and they bounce”. Each to their own I guess! Anyway, I’m so excited to get using it!

The next present I received was a Selfie Stick and a Selfie Shutter Control. These have become a massive craze. I really wanted one for Christmas but everywhere my family looked they were out of stock. So I’m really excited to finally have one! For anyone who doesn’t know, the selfie stick is a stick which you attach your phone to, and then you can hold it out to get group pictures or pictures of anything that catches your eye! I think they’re a really cool way to take pictures. The selfie shutter is a remote control which uses a bluetooth connection to take pictures on your phones camera. While your phone is on the stick it is impossible to press the button at the same time so the control does it for you! Super handy! I had loads of fun using these on my birthday.

The third present was the Ralph Lauren Polo 2 For Women. This was actually the first perfume I ever purchased and I recently ran out so my nan was kind enough to buy me a new one. I adore this scent. It’s really fruity and, to me, smells of ‘summer’. I think it’s quite a young, day time scent and it smells delicious. Ralph Lauren say “RL Pink blends cranberry and tonka mousse to create a sensual, fruity scent.”

I was so excited about this next present! McFly and Busted are 2 of my favourite bands and when they joined together to make McBusted, well I could have cried with joy. I went to see them on tour and danced until my feet bled (literally, my shoes killed my feet). So when they announced they were releasing Tour Play I 100% had to get it. My best friend promised he would get it for my birthday and I have been waiting for months! They are so funny, I just love them.

These next little bits are so cute! As well as Polo 2, I also adore The Body Shop’s fragrance in Madagascan Vanilla. Vanilla is my favourite scent and I love smelling of it. So this is definitely a winner for me. I was also given the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm to help my chapped winter lips. This is a life saver for me!

Finally, I was so excited to receive these Black Authentic Vans. I live in vans. You very rarely catch me wearing any other shoe. So adding another pair to my collection is really exciting! Black seems a little boring but you can wear them with anything and I’m all about the monochrome style!

Another birthday done and dusted. I hope you enjoyed that post! I am so thankful to everyone who bought me presents! What do you want for your birthday?