Models Own Scented Nail Polish

scratch and sniff nail polishRecently I was shopping and as I have an addiction to nail varnish, I felt it only right to buy some more. Models Own have a line of “Scented Nail Varnish” which I did not own any of so decided to pick one up. The shades are really pretty pastel colours but I was drawn to ‘Blueberry Muffin’ which is a pastel blue. The bottles have little scratch and sniff stickers on the top so you can see what the nail varnish smells like. They all smelt super yummy and at £4.99 I just had to purchase it.

The colour applied really well leaving a very pigmented colour after just one layer. I think the colour is super pretty and I was very impressed. However, scented? When you un-screw the lid and start to paint it smells of an ordinary nail polish. So I expected the scent to come after the polish had dried. However after 2 layers and a couple hours of drying, there was still no scent. It smelt slightly fruitier than a normal polish but it was almost unnoticeable. I thought maybe scratching the nail like the sticker would help but I guess they just really were not that scented.

Overall I think it was a gorgeous colour they just did not have any scent to them. So if you are thinking about purchasing one, choose a nice colour over a nice scent. I hate to be negative about a product but they just didn’t hit my expectations. I still think Models Own is a great brand for gorgeous colours.

Have you tried the scented polish? Have you found one that works?