Tunes of the moment No.1

Tunes of the moment No.1 Tunes of the moment No.1.2If you read my last post then you will know that I have quite a busy schedule at the moment. This has given me two reasons to write this post:
1. I don’t know about you, but music really helps me to concentrate. I get a lot of my best pieces of work done to music and over time I have accumulated a number of playlists which I thought I would share with you.
2. I want a few short and sweet posts to put up that I can write in my spare time between work. My music taste is always changing and I thought it would be good to start a mini series sharing my favourite tunes!

I always group my favourite songs of the moment into playlists. I even have one named “Breakfast songs”. This one right here contains Busted, The 1975 and Lower Than Atlantis. I will rock out in my room to these songs, they really make me happy!

My favourite song at the moment is ‘Settle Down’ by The 1975. If you haven’t listened to one of The 1975’s songs you definitely need to. The whole album is great and I jam away in my room pretending I’m in a music video (does anyone else do that?).

The first post in my mini series! Hurray! Let me know what you think about this being a series and, what is your favourite song of the moment?