The ‘Happy Skin Tag’

So today I thought I would do the Happy Skin Tag I recently watched it on YouTube  by Victoria from inthefrow and Sammi from thebeautycrush (two of my favourite YouTubers!) and thought I would do it myself! If you have read a few of my other posts then you will know that skincare is a big concern of mine and I am very interested in it all so really this is the perfect tag for me! Lets get started.

1. How would you best describe your skin?
Oily but dehydrated, so combination I guess. Kind of the worst of both worlds, it’s very problematic but I am slowly but surely on the road to clear skin!

2. What are your top tips for healthy glowing skin?
Water! Water cleanses your body and will give your skin that radiant glow when you drink a healthy amount of it. It’s the easiest and most effective tip and it will make your skin better and you happier! I however am not too good at drinking water myself so I really need to get better at that! But I found this guide on Pinterest that helps you get into a healthy routine for drinking water:


Image from Pinterest

Also eating healthily, I feel like this is an obvious one but fatty foods are so delicious and irresistible that you find yourself drifting towards a chocolate bar rather than an apple and wondering why your skin is worse the next week. Healthy foods like fruit and vegetables are filled with all the vitamins we need for our skin so it’s clear that’s it’s going to help our skin.

3. What’s the weirdest natural ingredient you have used in your skin care routine?
This isn’t in my everyday routine but I have used it on scars or massive whopper second face kind of spots before. And that is Aloe Vera from the actual plant rather than a product in a bottle. It is so disgusting and slimy and kind of makes me want to gag when I touch it but it works wonders on spots! Aloe Vera is magic!

4. Describe your skincare routine in 5 words
Simple – I don’t like putting my skin through lots of different products. I get no benefit from a complicated and lengthy routine with lots of products claiming to do different things.
Same – I use the same products all the time and I try to never differ from that, my skin is used to the products I use so I get the best results from that. Maybe I will do a skincare routine post for you all one day?
Cleanse – I always cleanse, to get as much dirt out as possible I want my pores to be completely clear
Tone – Toning is my favourite thing ever! It sounds so disgusting but I love looking at the cotton pad afterwards and being amazed about how much dirt was in my pores but I couldn’t see. Seriously if you don’t tone already DO IT!
Moisturise – No matter how oily your skin is, you must always moisturise! Moisturising returns your skin to it’s natural Ph and will actually reduce the amount of oil your skin produces. If your skin is moisturised already it doesn’t need to produce oil – which creates pimples – to moisturise because it already has it! You see? As strange as it sounds moisturising = less breakouts!

5. Tell us your top skincare tip
Drinking lots of water and getting my skin out in the sun. It really and I mean really clears up my skin!

6. What makes you laugh everyday?
Probably my boyfriend and my dog. They’re both such goons I’m always chucking around them. Also Friends, it’s my favourite programme ever!

7. What steals your skins natural radiance?
When I don’t drink enough water my radiance instantly goes but also if I’m not in sunshine for a while then my skin will not be as radiant. Sunshine really helps your skin get that natural glow unfortunately we have lack of sunshine in the UK so maybe I will just go blaming my breakouts on my country from now on.

8. What are your main skincare concerns?
I am always concerned that the products I’m using aren’t what’s best for my skin. I never know if I’m doing the right thing or enough or too much of something.

9. What’s your skincare 101?
It would have to be keeping the same skincare routine. Most people don’t know this but when you introduce a new product to your skin, your skin will instantly react and try to push it out. You should always use products for 3 weeks before being able to see their true talent. I used to use a new product breakout from my skin getting used to it, think it was the new product, and then change to another new product. I would be in a constant cycle of new product, breakout, new product, breakout, new product. So now I stick to one routine and one product for each step. I try my hardest not to differ as I know it will only cause breakouts. But trying to stick to the same routine is one of the bests things you can do!

10. What is your happy place?
I think every one thinks this but one of my happy places is my room. It’s my area where I can escape from everything and just relax. Another place would be at the beach because it makes me feel so free and alive. I love beaches! I guess a third one would be wherever my boyfriend is, that’s who I’m most happiest with.

11. How do you define happiness?
I wasn’t quite sure how to answer this question. But happiness for me is travelling, my boyfriend, my dog, being around animals, the outdoors and my family. I also love doing anything creative and my new thing at the moment is scrapbooking! Making sure I am happy is one of my biggest morals in life. If I am not happy how can I ever make anyone else happy or enjoy anything I do?

Feel free to do the tag too, and let me know if you enjoy reading tag posts!