My skincare routine

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So after my last post I felt the inspiration to do a skincare routine post. I spoke about having a simple and always the same routine so I thought I would share mine. I use 6 products in total – one being a makeup remover so not really a skincare product as such – now 6 products may sound like nothing to some but lots to others. But I never differ from these 6, I find that gets the best results.

Evening Routine

  1. My first step, quite obviously, is to take off my makeup. To do this I use Simple’s Kind to Skin eye makeup remover. My skin is incredibly sensitive and if I use too many new products at once or a product with a lot of chemicals in it my skin will react in a rash. Simple is a brand dedicated to being kind to your skin which means my skin has always accepted the product and never broken out in a rash. It’s so soothing and gentle and I really love it. Also, even though it is named an ‘eye make up remover’ I use it for my entire face and it works perfectly fine!
  2. This second step I like to do in the shower just because it’s easier and my pores are more open in there so I feel like more of the product gets soaked in. I cleanse with Boots No.7 Foaming Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin. I like to pump two pumps of this onto my hands and then massage it into my skin in circular motions for about a minute. Then I will wash it off under the shower. No.7 Skincare is a really lovely little brand and their products really do the job, they’re inexpensive too which is always a bonus. I prefer foaming cleansers as I am able to use my hands and feel that it is going into my skin.
  3. After cleansing I always like to tone. I have met so many people who don’t know about toning and if you don’t do it already you seriously need to start! Toner lowers the skins pH levels from the day helping return it to a healthy level it also calms the skin but the best part, yet most disgusting, is that it reaches further down into your pores and gets out all the dirt; you put it on a cotton pad and you can physically see all the dirt that has been hidden in your skin. Lovely. For this I like to use Simple’s Kind To Skin Facial Toner it’s again really kind to my skin and really soothing. Sometimes if I am too lazy to shower and cleanse then I will just take off my makeup and tone twice then cary on with my routine as normal.
  4. This is another step that I only do if I shower: and that is my scrub. I use Garnier’s Pure Active Charcoal Scrub. Charcoal acts as a magnet to dirt so it pulls out all the dirt from your pores and it also helps to fade scars. The scrub has really helped keep my skin under control. I have been using it for about a year now and I can see the difference in my skin through the year. I swear by it!
  5. After all of this I then like to moisturise using the Amie Matte Finish Morning Dew Moisturiser. I adore this moisturiser the matte finish means I am not greasy all day which is always a confidence booster. I have written a full review of this moisturiser before so you can read that here.
  6. The final step in my evening routine is to use my Quinoderm 5 acne cream on any problematic areas. This is a acne cream I got from my pharmacist and it really really works. It has helped to clear up my skin more than any other product. I have also written a full review of this which you can read here.

My morning routine is much shorter but still uses the same products.

  1. I first wake up and tone using the same Simple toner. This gets all the dirt and dead skin from the night off of my face and calms my skin ready to put my makeup on.
  2. I then like to moisturise my face with the Amie moisturiser to keep my face dewy looking and well moisturised for the day ahead.
  3. Apply my makeup!

So that is my skincare routine for every day and I find it really works for me! Do you use any products I use? Let me know!