My Pamper Evening essentials

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Recently I’ve been feeling a bit ill and under the weather so I’ve been desperately needing a pamper evening. I thought I’d share with you what my essential pamper evening products are because who doesn’t want to be pampered right?

First of all I always like to do a face mask when I’m pampering myself. One that I’ve been planning to use is this calming facial sheet mask from Superdrug. This is meant to calm and relax perfect for starting your pamper evening or for after a long day of stressful work.

After my face mask I like to hop in the bath and I always use a Lush bath bomb. This one in particular is the ‘Space Girl’ bath ballistic which smells amazing and turns your bath the most beautiful colours! Being in a colourful and wonderful smelling bath makes me so happy and calms me straight away. I no longer feel like I am in some old bath tub but I’m transported to a spa. No joke, this is how they make me feel. (These are currently out of stock on Lush and the only one I could find was on amazon here)

While I’m in the bath I’ll wash my body with a body wash and the one I’m absolutely adoring at the moment is the Mandara Spa in Bali Santi which I got for Christmas. This smell is absolutely amazing like it’s delicious. I’ve never heard of the brand before but trust me it’s amazing!

Once I’m out of the bath and feeling all revived, fresh and pampered. I want to lock in all that goodness with a body moisturiser. One I absolutely adore is the The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter. This scent is gorgeous and the butter itself has a little shimmer which makes your body glow and adds to the beauty of the product. This leaves you smelling and feeling amazing!

I hope you all feel inspired to go and pamper yourself now, because you deserve it! What are your favourite pamper products? Let me know!