Time for a change

PicMonkey Collage before PicMonkey Collage after

TA’DAH! I have new hair! I get bored so easily of my hair and felt like it was time for change. It had  grown to a rather awkward length and I decided to go for a big chop with a new colour!

If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen my tweet about how difficult it was to shoot these pictures on my own. So they’re not exactly the best quality and definitely don’t show my hair in all its glory.

Anyway, before, my hair was at a length I didn’t like and felt like I could do nothing with. It was all very dark and had not texture so my idea was to get it highlighted blonde to give it that texture. When I said this to my hairdresser she said she had a different idea and I just let her go with it!

She highlighted my hair with a natural highlighter so there was no bleach involved at all. The colour is actually quite a bit lighter than my hair but with my darker bits in there too, it just gives it that texture I was after. Also, as the colour is a natural one, once in the sun it will naturally brighten like normal hair – so my hair is constantly changing depending on the weather and I can’t get bored! I then had it chopped about half an inch above my shoulders (you can’t really tell its that short in these pictures) with it very slightly going shorter at the back. She also told me I should wear my hair in a middle parting which is something I never thought I’d suit but I’m actually loving it!

I am in love with my new hair! Are you wanting a hair makeover too?