What I got for my birthday | 2016

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It was my 16th Birthday last week and I thought I’d share with you a few lovely bits that I received. I had the loveliest day ever and I love all my presents! So thank you to everybody who made it such a lovely day.

First of all I shall start with the jewellery type bits, the first is a Pandora Charm for my bracelet from my boyfriend. It’s a little globe because it’s our dream to travel together! Next is an Olivia Burton watch from all my friends. It’s got a black strap with a rose gold face, it’s so pretty! Thank you girls! Last is a Pisces necklace as I’m a Pisces, it’s a really dainty little piece which I love! I wear so many dainty necklaces and I love adding more to my collection.

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Next up are clothing items. I did get a white button up shirt as well but that is currently in the wash so I couldn’t get any pictures! So first of all are some suede Chelsea Boots from my nan which I absolutely adore! They’re so comfortable and I’ve been wearing them all the time. Next is a Harrington Jacket which I also love. I don’t have many coats or jackets and really fancied a new one in my collection so this is perfect. Lastly is a pair of jeans which are a really nice dark denim (they’re a little bit in need of an iron) which is a shade I actually don’t own so I’m really happy I can start creating a more causal outfit with these!

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Finally are some little bits and bobs! The first is a Star Wars lunchbox from my boyfriend. I think this is adorable! I always bring food to school because I’m too lazy to queue so this is perfect for school and it’s just the cutest thing, I’m a massive fan of Star Wars too! Next is a book one of my friends got me. AngelFall is her favourite book and she wanted me to love it as much as she did so she bought it for me! I’m really excited to start reading it! Lastly, and definitely the most quirky  are these 4 cards from Urban Outfitters. I’ve been wanting a sort of poster wall of prints and my mum thought these little cards were so cute and funny that she just had to buy them for me! I love them though! They’re already up on my wall!

Once again, thank you to everybody who bought me presents and everyone who made the day so wonderful! I had the best day!