Clarisonic – Keith Haring Aria Edition

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For my birthday, my main present was a Clarisonic which I didn’t include in my What I got for my Birthday post because I wanted to try it out and give it a post of its own!

I was given the Keith Haring Aria Edition which is absolutely gorgeous! I read so many reviews and watched so many YouTube videos on the Clarisonic and just knew I had to have it! If you don’t know what it is a Clarisonic is basically an electric skin cleanser. It is a brush that rotates on the face pushing cleansing product deep into your pores and removing dead/dirty skin cells. The company describe it as combining technology with a desire to improve skin.

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When you open the box your eyes are immediately drawn to the cute little bag with an art piece by Keith Haring on. Inside the bag is a whole range of goodies. First of all is the Clarisonic stand and charger which is quite obviously very needed. I love the fact that it has a stand because I think it’s so cute having it stood up on your bathroom cabinet! Next inside the bag is a gel cleanser which you can put on top of the brush head to cleanse with. Of course you can use your own gel cleanser but it was very helpful that they added one in as I personally do not own a gel cleanser. The cleanser aims to purify and refresh the skin which I would say it does as it always leaves my skin feeling fresh and so so soft! So I think I might repurchase this or see what other kinds they offer – very impressed.

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The devise itself, I think, has a very sleek and professional feel to it. It looks as if it’s really going to do something to help your skin and after using it for about 3 weeks I can personally say: it does! I use it about twice a week as it’s quite a deep exfoliation which you don’t want to be doing too often. The first thing you notice when you use it is how relaxing it feels, so soothing and like a facial! You can really feel it spinning into your pores which is unbelievably satisfying. After my first use I noticed that my skin had brought every spot to the surface which was quite annoying but it was a sign that something had worked. After a few days the spots went down and after my second use no more appeared, my skin just felt so refreshed and revitalised. Now, my skin has a healthy glow to it. Of course I still get spots but it really has helped to clear my skin and prevent spots from dirty skin (I just get the annoying hormonal ones now).

So overall, I highly recommend the Clarisonic. Yes it’s a little pricey but if you’re like me and have a real issue with your skin or just want to make it healthy then I think it’s absolutely worth the money!

Have you tried it before? What do you think about electronic cleansers?