How I revise for GCSE’s

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So exam season is fully upon us and revision has started. So I thought I would share how I personally revise incase it is helpful for anyone! I know that watching revision videos and reading revision posts really motivates me and gives me tips so I hope I can give that to people too.

I don’t know about anyone else but I own so many revision guides and class books for each subject that it’s hard to keep track of it all. So to keep myself organised I keep the revision material for all my subjects in set boxes. I picked the boxes up from a local craft store for a couple pence (I’m sure you can get more attractive ones but I just got the cheapest and they do the job!) and I’ve labeled them with each of my subjects. I keep them all piled on my desk so that I can see them and the organisation strangely motivates me to revise! Inside I keep sheets, text books, revision guides and any kind of revision material I have and it means that everything I need is in one place. To help me organise the revision I do each day I have the most complicated revision timetable ever! My dad is a little obsessed with excel so he created the absolute monster of a time table for me but it makes life so much easier! I just look at what is set to revise for the day and grab my subject boxes and off I go! I keep the timetable up on my wall by my calendar so I am always looking at it. I also always revise downstairs in the dining room away from my bedroom as it makes me feel so much more awake and ready to focus.


When I am revising I will read through work I’ve done and revision guides in topics and I will then rewrite that entire topic in my own notes and highlight bits I am unsure on. I will do diagrams, scribble things out and just write all the knowledge possible. I still don’t know if this is the best way to revise for me but it definitely seems to be helping to refresh my mind. The rewording in my own words helps it to stick in my mind as it makes me think more in-depth of the subject in order to reword.


One place which really helps me to revise is the website GCSEpod. It has a whole range of podcasts covering topics for each subject and each exam board so there is something there for everyone! The podcasts are tiny clips filled with information. As I watch I will pause to write down information and by the time you’ve finished you have pages of information and you really remember it as it incorporates all kinds of learning! It’s so useful! You just have to make an account!

So that is a brief description of my revision! How do you revise? So you find it stressful because I know I do!