Why you should splash out on nails

nails post pic 2

I’ll admit, I’m definitely not the most feminine of girls. But there’s something about having my nails done that gets me feeling some type of way! I don’t think nails have to only be for the girliest of girls or even girls with long nails. If you’re sat reading this in tracksuits, no makeup and hair up in a greasy ol bun (aka me right now – it’s Sunday, who cares!) then here’s why I think you should get your butt into a nail salon!

nh one
You’ll feel sexy

That’s right, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or who you are as a person, being treated and a lil’ bit glammed up makes you feel sexy! Trainers or heels – nails have the same effect on the both of you. Once they’ve been done you find yourself touching things and noticing your nails like “Ooo, gurrlll! You look great!”. Who does’t want to feel sexy?

nh two
It’ll make you so relaxed 

The process of having your nails done is the most calming thing I have experienced. They so delicately touch your hands, moisturise the cuticles, and softly shape the nails. It’s amazing! You don’t think of anything, you just watch in awe (whilst also observing what colour every other person has chosen).

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nh three
It’s a complete release

That lady doing your nails doesn’t know you, she doesn’t know any of your friends BITCH TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT! Let everything out! She’s not going to judge you, she doesn’t really have a clue what’s going on. I once sat next to a girl who moaned and moaned about her boyfriend and by the end of the appointment she decided that she was going to leave him and the entire time the lady doing her nails just nodded along.  Treat your nail appointment as your social escape.

nh four
All those colours!

My favourite part about having my nails done is picking the colour! There’s so many to choose from and they’re all so beautiful! As you can see with my nails at the moment, I have a hard time deciding. I usually go for mix and match as then I get to try out more than one colour. Get creative! Choose designs that you’d never be able to do at home, one that makes you feel extra special!

If you’re interested in my nails at the moment, I have shellac on top of my natural nails. I get them done once a month and find that the shellac will last the whole month with maybe one chip towards the end. At the moment I have my thumb and pinkie painted in a grey colour and the other three painted in a nude colour. The index finger has silver sparkles on top and my ring finger has cuticle glitter! I basically just sat down with the colours I wanted and let the lady do her thing. I’M IN LOVE! Already can’t wait for next month!

If you get your nails done I’d love to know!

Em x