Choosing the right sunglasses

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Maybe I’m just dead fussy when it comes to sunglasses (I have a very tiny head and most sunglasses just look bug eyed on me = stressful) but sunglasses are such a fashion accessory nowadays that I always want to make sure I pick the perfect pair! Seeing as it’s starting to get sunny outside, I thought this post was needed.

Here’s a handy little drawing which shows exactly the point I’m about to make. Sunglasses are not universal. Sophie with the long face, you do not suit the same glasses as Grace with the round face. I have quite an oval face with a little bit of a square forehead so in theory bigger glasses should even out my face and curve my forehead. But, as I mentioned before, I have a complete pea head. Look at the pictures below, my forehead is probably about 2cm! So I have to find a medium between huge sunglasses and small sunglasses.

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Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes these days. They’re a fashion statement, so it’s quite easy to find a style that suits you. Ask yourself a few questions. Do I want my eyebrows to show? Do I like squared off frames? Do I want them wider than my face? Do I want them to come low on my face? Once you’ve found the answer to these, it’s time to shop!

I’ve always found that the “cat eye” style is my favourite, I think it’s a very feminine feature! I’ve also never ventured further than the traditional black frames but I know see-through and metallic frames are really in this season. In the end I settled for a pair from River Island for £10. Bargain am I right?

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However, sunglasses are not just about the aesthetic. The reason we wear them is to protect our eyes. There’s no point buying a pair of drop dead gorgeous glasses if they let every single ray of light in. Exposure to UV rays can cause a whole manor of awful eye problems in the future. Filter Categories show how much light is let through. Usually there’s a sticker on the glasses or it’s written on the label. The categories range from 0 – 4 and mine are Filter Category 3, which is actually pretty good! So if you’re out and about shopping for high street sunglasses, places like River Island, Topshop, New Look all have category 3. Always make sure you give it a check because I think we all know by know how bad UV rays can be for us (it’s not just our skin that it can destroy)

Here’s a few I’m really loving’!

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1. Cat Eye Blue Tint 2. Round Gold Tone 3. Pink Aviator 4. Black Retro 5. Gold Brow Bar 6. Flat Cream

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Where did you buy your sunglasses from this year?

Em x