What’s in my bag!


I HATE carrying big bags with me when I go out! I’ve always been a backpack kinda gal – just swing it on and forget about it. But I wanted something a lil more glam and sophisticated!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter about 8 years of pacing all the bag sections in my fave shops, I ended up buying this cute cross body bag from H&M for £8.99! It’s just the right size to bring my few necessities with me. It has a main compartment and an inner side pocket which is perfect for putting your phone or money. The strap is also a really nice length and the gold zip adds a pretty detail.

So, what do I keep inside?


First of all is obviously my phone. I can’t go anywhere without it! Social media is life right? I just have a clear silicone case  – keeping it simple! Next up are my sunglasses which I’ve been using a lot lately and have written a whole post on them (which you can find here). They’re from River Island and I absolutely adore them!


Next I have my keys, you always need your keys (something I have figured out the hard way – many times). The weird silver keyring plugs into an amp key holder (it’s my boyfriends, don’t ask) and the green band is my Reading Festival band from last year. Then I have the beauty bits! I don’t actually carry too much beauty with me as I’m a bit of a moaner, when a bag gets too heavy, I moan! So I keep it down to the bare minimum – lip-balm and lipstick! The lip balm is a Body Shop Vanilla Chai one which smells amaze and really moisturises my lips which are constantly dry at the moment. Unfortunately, it’s from the Christmas range, so here’s a link to all their other lip balms! Next is my one and only Mac lipstick! The infamous Velvet Teddy, which is also very moisturising! I got this for my birthday and wear it non stop! If you don’t own this you should definitely get it – it’s the most gorgeous shade!


Lastly is my card holder! I own the largest purse ever so I bought this adorable card holder for when I use this bag. It’s faux leather with gold detail just like the bag so matches perfectly, and is also from H&M – unfortunately, I got it in my local store’s sale so I can’t find it online but here’s a link to a similar one. I keep in it a little bit of cash, my debit card, bus pass and driving license.

So there we have it! The contents of my bag! What kind of bags do you all use, and what do you like to keep in it?

Em x