The best High-Street base combo?


I’ve gone through many stages of foundation; the “oompa-loompa orange” stage, the “ghost like white” stage, the “8 layers deep” stage and now I’m at the “I’m really loving this” stage! I think it’s all about trial and error with foundation but I’m here to help you – hopefully -skip a few stages.


This combo is one that I’ve been using and feeling absolutely amazing in for a few months now. It’s the Bourgois Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue foundation and concealer! The foundation retails for £9.99 and the concealer for £7.99 so SUPER affordable. However, don’t be fooled by the price – the quality is insane! They promise to give 70% more radiance which lasts for 16 hours and I definitely feel this whilst wearing it! My average day is probably about 16 hours and it truly does stay on – even in this heat I’m not having major meltage!

They contain vitamins C, E and B5 which all help to contribute to healthy skin and a gorgeous radiance. They both feel so nourishing to apply and gives a beautiful dewy finish! The moisture in both the foundation and concealer is what helps to give such a flawless look. Any dry patches or scabby spots? They both just glide right over! You’re left with a perfectly even skin tone and smooth face – what we’re all looking for, am I right? If you’re like me and a bit on the oily side, I find the best way to wear it is with a little bit of powder across the T – Zone (just to help avoid the oil in a frying pan look).




I’m a pretty pale gal so I’m a shade 52 in the foundation, and as advised by the YouTube beauty guru’s, I go a shade lighter in concealer so I wear 51 (look at me with my technical knowledge). The concealer really helps to brighten my under eye. It’s like a team: the foundation mutes the grogginess and the concealer brightens and makes me look more awake!

They’re both very easily build-able which is perfect for people like me who sometimes want a more natural look and sometimes want a fuuuuuuuul coverage look!

One thing that I truly adore about Bourgois is the amazing scent of all the products. The Healthy Mix duo has not been missed out! It has a gorgeous fruity scent which is the best thing to smell whilst plastering the face in the morning!

So, can I possibly say that this might be the best High-Street foundation out there? What foundation do you use?