Isle of Wight Festival – My experience


Oh boy, I had a bloody good weekend!
Festivals aren’t for everyone, sleeping in a tent, port-a-loos, pretty much no chance of having a shower unless you want to queue for a year, crazy priced food, MUD – LOTS OF IT! Sounds glamorous doesn’t it? But I’ll tell you what, it’s the best experience I’ve ever had.
I just need to apologise for the poor quality pictures, they’re a mixture of iPhone and Disposable Camera. 


I went in a group of 8. Between us we had one 4 man tent and two 2 man’s. Here’s my little 4 man tent gang looking fresh with all our bags and tight dutch braids. Oh boy did it change! One thing to keep in mind when travelling to a festival is PACK LIGHT – VERY LIGHT. I know it doesn’t look like we did but trust me, I barely took anything. The big orange bag is the tent. On me I had a backpack with 3 tops, 1 pair of shorts, 3 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of socks. Concealer and mascara, a little bit of food, plasters and paracetamol. Oh and deodorant – DON’T FORGET DEODORANT. By the last day, it won’t even hide the stench but it will help a lil! I carried my sleeping bag (it’s a double one thats why it’s huge) and a pack of 12 water bottles – AGAIN SUPER IMPORTANT. Something that I didn’t take which was a huge mistake was SUNCREAM and oh boy did I burn!

We created a little central area with our tent which proved to be an absolute haven! It was so lovely to have somewhere to chill together in the evening and morning with our breakfast. We managed to get our tent up really quick even with the wind (I’m talking full on bloody gusts). Thursday night had acts just for campers so we all went exploring in the arena, grabbed dinner (an oven baked pizza for £8) and watched the acts in the POURING RAIN. We got absolutely drenched and for a moment it looked like our amazing festival weekend was going to be flooded away, literally. Motto of the story BRING A RAIN COAT. Even if it doesn’t rain, it gives you something to sit on! #bonus

After finally falling asleep at 2am in Antarctic conditions, we were woken up by burning sunshine and shit being cleared from the port-a-loos at 7am. PERF! I had paid for a locker to keep all my valuables in, so I shoved my wellies on and trudged through the mud to do  my make-up. I would highly recommend a locker! Although nothing got stolen and we never had an issue with our tents, it gave me complete peace of mind. LockerHouse were the company that supplied the lockers. Have a check if they’re at your festival! The acts didn’t start till 4pm on Friday so we took a bus for £7 in to Newport to grab lunch and some new wellies for some.

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Kaiser Chiefs, Run DMC and David Guetta were some of the Friday acts. I danced and jumped until my knees were swollen – literally.  I was on a mission to try as many of the food stalls as possible so for dinner I got a HUUUUUUGE plate of nachos for £9. Food and drink is over priced at festivals. If you’re there for a weekend you can bring in as much food and drink as you can carry. Eat breakfast and lunch in your tent to cut down on the price and bring in a bottle of water with you to the arena. There are facilities to fill up water bottles so you can get away with not buying anything other than dinner all day! Day ticket holders you can’t bring in food but you can bring in water so definitely use this!

Saturday was B O I L I N G. Full on sunshine! We’d put glitter on in the morning and I decided to go for dots on my forehead. Glitter dots, are all fun and games until you realise you’ve forgotten to pack suncream. PACK SUNCREAM. My burns were hilarious, a bright red forehead with 12 little white dots just above my eyebrows. SEXY. I also burnt my knees and my ears which was so painful. Saturday also turned out to be a ridiculously high pollen day which caused my eyes to swell and itch like crazy and my nose to endlessly run. All in all, by the end of Saturday I was burnt and struggling to breath making me very fed up. So when I asked for curry sauce on my chips and I was given gravy….. the tears started to flow.

But above all the pain and the itching, Saturday was amazing! Catfish and The Bottlemen (my fave), Example, The Kooks, Zara Larsson, Mel C!! We had a ball!

By Sunday we were all pretty shattered. We’d always planned to go home on Sunday because we all had college the next day. I live quite a distance from college so I have to be up for 6:15 in order to travel there. Bastille were my favourite band playing on Sunday but they weren’t on till late. As gutting as it was, we made the decision to go home early and miss them as we all just couldn’t face being that tired at college.

We headed in to the arena to watch The Vamps and Scouting For Girls before grabbing all of our stuff and making our way back to the ferry.

Now it’s all over! I already can’t wait for the next time! I truly truly did have the most amazing time! You have to throw away all your beauty regimes, any chance of being comfy or clean, but oh my god is it worth it! So many laughs, so much good music, so many stories to tell. You have to try it!

If you’re feeling a bit hesitant about staying for a weekend, try doing a day first. I did a day at Reading last year and it really gave me an insight into what a weekend would be like so I felt a lot more comfortable about jumping in the deep end this year.


Isle of Wight, you were a blast! See you next time!

Em x

Have you ever camped at a festival before?