REALLY simple eyeshdow

Something a little different today! A MAKEUP LOOK. It’s nothing special, nothing flawless, nothing fancy. Just something really quick and easy. It looks alright too!

Oh, a pre-warning, my eyebrows are completely out of control but lets just roll with it!

Morphe is the star of the show for this one! It’s the first brand I properly experiemented with. I’d heard Jaclyn Hill raving about them and thought they sounded like a good starting point as they’re so inexpensive for a high quality brand. I purchased a set of brushes and the 35W and began my slow but steady journey to make my eyes look POPPIN’!

I start off with a bit of primer. Currently I’m just using the Mac Prep and Prime which as you can see is sample size. Gotta use up those freebies gals! I actually really like this stuff though! It helps to maintain the pigmentation of my eyeshadows, and the colour stays put all day. I just apply this with my finger and make sure it’s all blended in.

Next I take my brushes. Now I’m not very techinal with the brush names – one is quite fluffy (I use this for blending) and the other is much more compact (I use this for adding shimmers/very pigminted colours). They came in this lil’ set which has been perfect for me! Whilst these two brushes are great, I would say that the others shed a bit too much for me, and if I’m not careful there’s a chance I could leave the house looking like I’ve grown my first beard hair.

On my compact brush I take two brown shades Not much difference between them really, one is a bit more rich and dark (so very talented at explaining shades). I literally just dab it twice in each and then apply it to the crease of my eye. If I feel like it needs to be a bit darker then I’ll go over it again.


Then I take the fluffy brush and blend blend blend until there’s no more harsh lines and it looks like…

THIS! A very natural brown eye! But because you’ve only actually applied colour to the crease, the main part of your lid will look lighter, so it looks like you’re very talented and created a more complex eye look. But really, you had no idea what you were doing. Genius.

Add a little bit of mascara and, if you like, eyeliner and you’re ready to go! If you want a lil’ “How to” on winged eyeliner, give me a few years and I might have it!

Let me know what your favourite palettes are!