A week in my life!

Hello again! Seems like forever ago that I got my life together and posted on here! Truth be told, I’ve been a little busy.

I finished college, got my A-Levels, moved to uni, finally passed my dreaded driving test, made new friends, partied with new friends, turned 18 (I actually turn 19 next week), started clubbing, got a little bit better at make-up, started the gym, started drinking gin (exclusively pink at the moment) – and many more.

Life has been a little crazy and I kind of fell off the face of the blogging earth. I’ve picked up my instagram here and there, but nothing ever too serious. I did however, start a YouTube channel to document a few things! To fill a few gaps for you, I have a video of my A-Level results, allllllll the bits and bobs I bought for uni, my uni room tour, and a Shein clothing haul and review. But more recently – a week in my life (including a what I got for Christmas and a lil’ chat about uni)!

I know the whole “new year, new me” pledge never really works – but this year, I will be different.

I’m currently doing a Multi-media Journalism BA Hons degree. I’m better at writing and I’m learning how to edit and produce content. I’ve never felt more motivated in my life to make my career in this whole media industry! It’s the only thing I truly feel passionate about. Before, I would let life get in the way of my blogging, but now, I’m going to try and let life join in. I’ll share what is keeping me so busy rather than let it take over my life!

Well, that’s the pledge anyway.

Feel free to give any of the videos a watch! Don’t judge too harshly, I’m a bit of a newbie to the scene!

I’ll see you all very soon! (Promise)